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spring clean tidy up

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, April 24, 2014 17:31:16
The burst of sunshine over the last few days inspired me to attempt a tidy up. I diligently gathered and grouped together, working a room at a time , amazed at the amount of oddments of yarn and projects I’d managed to scattered about the place.

The bag of tangles has been given a purpose it's going to be transformed into a hexagon crochet motif modular blanket as big as the tangles will allow!

The main idea is to re purpose the tangles into something use able. To keep me from going off in a tangent I’m going to try and stick to a colour theme….but can’t promise, hexagon pattern and update coming soon on

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Travels with my knitting

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Wed, April 16, 2014 18:46:47

As workshop tutor I find myself most weekends on my travels heading towards a workshop venue, bags packed full of samples and my knitting tucked away ready to be pulled out at the earliest opportunity.

Sometimes it’s a day trip and others it’s over night or long weekend, with a few longer visits to foreign locations dotted in between.

This year’s workshop calendar has been up and running since the beginning of February and it’s been quite an adventure so far with unexpected stay overs and catching up with knitting friends from years back.

I've a new blog which I've promised myself I'll up date regularly! Looking forward to sharing all my textile tales and travels with my knitting!

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Textiles in Art

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Mon, April 23, 2012 17:15:43
I'm loving San Francisco based artist Sarah Applebaum new-psych pieces especially the giant knitted chain.

Her work is all about bridging the gap between the psychological and the psychedelic.

The article I came across on designboom prompted me to have a look at other works on Sarah's website and boy was I blown away.

Above - Blanket head

Below - Anchor

It's an interesting mix of knit / crochet - just going to show what a versatile medium textile can be. Now I know what to do with all those Granny Squares and swatches.

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Town & Country knit style

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Sat, April 07, 2012 15:34:52
I came across the most amazing textile inspired knitted town at the Stitch & Craft show.

Folk had really let their imaginations run wild, no detail of village life was left out.

Laid out on a huge raised platform, you had an Ariel view of life in Knit Town.

Reminded me a bit of a model railway except it's was a town.........and knitted, but you get the idea!

On a similar vein how about these rugs from 3D farmville Carpet

A series of designs inspired by Ariel views made up from 3D cut out wool shapes.

And to finish off the look these tree inspired shelving units,

Bringing the outdoors, indoors with your decor!

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Where did the sunshine go?

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Mon, April 02, 2012 15:37:44
The sunshine might have gone for the moment, but I'm sure it will be back soon.

But just to remind myself here is some of my sunshine inspired makes and pics from over the past few days.

The beaded ring(above) is a nod to the daffodils gently bobbing about in the breeze. The ring is made from a mix of 4ply lurex yarn and silver craft wire worked together throughout using an extremely fine needle, this helps the ring to keep it's shape and have a slight bit of stretch making sure it sits snug and secure.

Any excuse for me to play about with green - the necklace was inspired by the fresh new shoots, leaves and buds bursting out into the sunshine.

For more details and pictures of the designs visit my Etsy shop

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New designs from beatknit

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Sat, March 31, 2012 17:25:11
Well, it's been a busy few days of making, writing up & taking pictures, but that's quiet a few new designs and patterns listed in the Etsy & Misi shops!

On the left - layered Up crochet necklace, this is such a simple yet effective pattern, works well with a 4ply mercerized cotton I've used Rowan siena, but Glace works just as well.

On the right - Ivy crochet necklace, it's worked as a continuous length so it doesn't really matter what size you need to make, just keep repeating the pattern until you've reached the right length.

Bottom - I've been playing around with this type of ring idea for quite a while now, I just love the way you can take a few random buttons & a wee bit of imagination to create a real show stopper. Pattern to follow very soon!

Both necklace designs are available as PDF downloads - great for using up all those little bit's n pieces of yarn that we just can't part with...........

..... or is that just me!

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New things for Spring

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, March 29, 2012 16:08:01
It's been a few days of new things - lots of new projects soon to be listed on Etsy.

All the sunshine has shifted my focus from the winter woollies and towards summery accessories.

Necklaces to make and buy - perfect gift

Knitted rings with more than a touch of vintage about them.

Hidden gems - packed away in a box hibernating, just waiting for the sunshine!

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When knitting makes you smile!

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Tue, March 13, 2012 12:23:50
Isn't it great when you come across something that just makes you smile. While flicking through the I on Saturday this picture caught my eye.
Being the author of Knitlympics and all the press it's being getting recently I was chuffed to bit's to see a fellow knitter full of the Olympic spirit.

I know how long it took me to knit all the dolls for the book and am full of admiration for the Saltburn Yarnbomber. I can really appreciate the amount of work and skill to create such a fantastic piece!

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Echo's of vintage lace

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, March 08, 2012 17:24:46

New listings on Etsy - from beatknit

A collection of vintage and lace inspired accessories

Top - vintage inspired crochet necklaces and chokers. I've had fun raiding my jewellery box for old beads to incorporate into the designs.

Bottom left
- This idea has been buzzing around in my mind for quiet a while now, I wasn't sure whether it wanted to be in knit or crochet - so I've used a mix of both

Bottom right
- This design is in Rowan Kid Silk Haze, the idea was based on a polo neck but given a slight twist with the fanned out crochet picot trim.

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knit graffiti

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Fri, January 13, 2012 11:44:39
Call it knit / crochet graffiti or yarn bombing - the perfect way to add a splash of colour into the grey winter days.
For more inspirational images check out the green crafts website.

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Christmas Fayre Pics

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Wed, December 21, 2011 17:46:00
Great time was had at the Glasgow botanical Christmas fayre many thanks to Louise McVey for organising the event and Kotryna Ula for her lovely pictures which can be found on Flickr on the following links below! - beatknit - beatknit - beatknit - teapots - fridge magnets - owls - moustache

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Christmas Fayre 2011

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Fri, December 09, 2011 14:02:53
beatknit will be at the Christmas Fayre 15th - 17th December 10am -4pm @ the Kibble palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Lot's of gift ideas & gorgeous accessories to keep you nice & cosy this Festive Season.

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must be gloves, gloves, gloves

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, August 05, 2010 12:44:51
I recently visited The Wool Shed in the NE of Scotland a wee place called Oyne - it's at the foot of Bennachie a great hill to go stomping up, I have some great memories of family days out clambering about the place.

Anne one of the lovely ladies who runs The Wool Shed very kindly lent me her copy of 250 knitting patterns in Japanese!!!

This book is amazing - very inspirational indeed, I have been scribbling down, adapting and putting my own beatknit twist to some of the patterns.

I'm sure the gentleman sitting across from me on the train home thought I could read Japanese - if only!!!! but I am fluent in the language of knitting.

I now have lots of ideas spinning about in my head, but as a quick fix to get some space it had to be gloves, gloves gloves!!!!

these are simplified versions - more complicated to follow!

A huge big thanks to Anne!!!

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Featured Seller on Misi

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Tue, June 29, 2010 19:22:29

Hooray! Misi has decided to make me a featured seller! If you want to read a bit more about me, then click the link to have a look. I think it will be up for 2 weeks.

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Rowan Workshops

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Fri, June 18, 2010 14:05:52
Just confirmed a few new workshop dates for A/W

Venue: McAree Brothers Edinburgh

Subject: Fairisle Knitting

Date: October 24th 2010

Venue: Sewing Basket Ayr

Subject: Learn to Crochet

Date: September 25th 2010

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Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, June 17, 2010 13:16:44

My fascination with fascinators and headbands continues............

Hoping to have these listed on MISI very soon.........

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latest MISI

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Sun, June 06, 2010 16:00:36
Headband - Leaf motif

This beautiful hand crafted headband will keep you looking chic throughout the day.

The 9 leaf motifs are crocheted using a fine 2ply yarn and craft wire which allows the leaves to have more of a natural shape about them. The hand embroidered details and glass beads scattered across the surface add a touch of texture to the surface. The leaves are stitched securely by hand onto the surface in a criss - cross pattern.

The band is made from a strong and flexible craft wire, covered with a compact crochet fabric – making sure no wire ends will pop through.

The two legs of the headband are joined together to for a loop with 12mm wide black elastic allowing the headband to fit most heads and keeping it securely in place.

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new ring

Corsages and BroochesPosted by carol Fri, June 04, 2010 10:56:00

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Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Mon, February 08, 2010 21:36:06

Carol Meldrum is a Textile Designer from Scotland. She is a busy Textile Workshop tutor , travelling around the UK & Ireland teaching knitting & crochet skills to all levels of participants.

Working in the Textile Industry since graduating from Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art, Carol has for the past 6years concentrated on producing popular craft based book titles such as Easy Crochet Accessories & Knitted Icons along with many other design projects which can be found in other publications & magazines.

Beatknit is a range of hand knit and crochet acessories and pattern which I designs and produces in my Glasgow based studio. Inspired by flowers and foliage, natures shapes and colours are given a magical twist. Beatknits folk art style and bold colour combinations are simple yet intriguing and have a certain must have feel about them. With a touch of beads and a hint of embroidery I hopefully manage to bring both character and charm to each individually worked design.

Yellow Paisly Brooch

Sailor Stripe Birdie

Fyvie Fingerless gloves

For more beatknit designs please vist my Etsy and Misi stores online

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Rowan patterns

Knitted AccessoriesPosted by carol Mon, February 08, 2010 21:06:31

Foxy - by Carol Meldrum

Featured in Rowan publication - The Big Easy

A loopy stitch collar with pom pom ties knitted in Rowan Chunky Print, which is now discontinued but can easily be subsituted for Rowan Cocoon.

Vinster - By Carol Meldrum

Featured in Rowan publication - The Big Easy

Knitted in Rowan Big Wool, a fun ribbed hat with tassle details at top, can be tied to give a pom pom effect or left to swing about. The two tone yarn used in the photo shoot slightly hides the rib detail - the one I still wear today is in cream, the tassles have felted together to make one HUGE pom pom which I love.

Petticoat Collar - By Carol Meldrum

This idea was originally meant for the cuff of a jumper. We scaled it up to create this fantastic ruffled collar.

Snowflake Poncho - by Carol Meldrum

This design is rather chunky - the tweedie background effect is created by using lot's n lots of finer ends together.
I do remember getting into a bit of a tangle with me in the middle and all the balls of yarn in a circle around my chair.

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Hand Knit BootiesPosted by carol Mon, February 08, 2010 19:44:09
These are a selection of hand knitted baby booties as featured in my Misi and Etsy stores click on the link to visit.

Daisy Booties
Daisy - pdf pattern

Snowflake turqoise

Snowflake red

Heart Felt - listed this pdf pattern today

Beaded Booties - just putting the pattern together for these at the moment, hopefully will be listed in the next couple of days. The perfect pressie for any new arrival.

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