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Knitted AccessoriesPosted by carol Mon, February 08, 2010 21:06:31

Foxy - by Carol Meldrum

Featured in Rowan publication - The Big Easy

A loopy stitch collar with pom pom ties knitted in Rowan Chunky Print, which is now discontinued but can easily be subsituted for Rowan Cocoon.

Vinster - By Carol Meldrum

Featured in Rowan publication - The Big Easy

Knitted in Rowan Big Wool, a fun ribbed hat with tassle details at top, can be tied to give a pom pom effect or left to swing about. The two tone yarn used in the photo shoot slightly hides the rib detail - the one I still wear today is in cream, the tassles have felted together to make one HUGE pom pom which I love.

Petticoat Collar - By Carol Meldrum

This idea was originally meant for the cuff of a jumper. We scaled it up to create this fantastic ruffled collar.

Snowflake Poncho - by Carol Meldrum

This design is rather chunky - the tweedie background effect is created by using lot's n lots of finer ends together.
I do remember getting into a bit of a tangle with me in the middle and all the balls of yarn in a circle around my chair.

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