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Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Sun, June 06, 2010 16:00:36
Headband - Leaf motif

This beautiful hand crafted headband will keep you looking chic throughout the day.

The 9 leaf motifs are crocheted using a fine 2ply yarn and craft wire which allows the leaves to have more of a natural shape about them. The hand embroidered details and glass beads scattered across the surface add a touch of texture to the surface. The leaves are stitched securely by hand onto the surface in a criss - cross pattern.

The band is made from a strong and flexible craft wire, covered with a compact crochet fabric – making sure no wire ends will pop through.

The two legs of the headband are joined together to for a loop with 12mm wide black elastic allowing the headband to fit most heads and keeping it securely in place.

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