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Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Sat, March 31, 2012 17:25:11
Well, it's been a busy few days of making, writing up & taking pictures, but that's quiet a few new designs and patterns listed in the Etsy & Misi shops!

On the left - layered Up crochet necklace, this is such a simple yet effective pattern, works well with a 4ply mercerized cotton I've used Rowan siena, but Glace works just as well.

On the right - Ivy crochet necklace, it's worked as a continuous length so it doesn't really matter what size you need to make, just keep repeating the pattern until you've reached the right length.

Bottom - I've been playing around with this type of ring idea for quite a while now, I just love the way you can take a few random buttons & a wee bit of imagination to create a real show stopper. Pattern to follow very soon!

Both necklace designs are available as PDF downloads - great for using up all those little bit's n pieces of yarn that we just can't part with...........

..... or is that just me!

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Posted by Micro G Sun, April 08, 2012 16:54:17

Very nice they are too!