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must be gloves, gloves, gloves

Beatknit BlogPosted by carol Thu, August 05, 2010 12:44:51
I recently visited The Wool Shed in the NE of Scotland a wee place called Oyne - it's at the foot of Bennachie a great hill to go stomping up, I have some great memories of family days out clambering about the place.

Anne one of the lovely ladies who runs The Wool Shed very kindly lent me her copy of 250 knitting patterns in Japanese!!!

This book is amazing - very inspirational indeed, I have been scribbling down, adapting and putting my own beatknit twist to some of the patterns.

I'm sure the gentleman sitting across from me on the train home thought I could read Japanese - if only!!!! but I am fluent in the language of knitting.

I now have lots of ideas spinning about in my head, but as a quick fix to get some space it had to be gloves, gloves gloves!!!!

these are simplified versions - more complicated to follow!

A huge big thanks to Anne!!!

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